Type Of Packing Box

Date:May 23, 2018

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Can be divided into; paper packaging, plastic packaging, metal packaging, wood packaging, corrugated packaging. Involved in many industries, such as: digital products box, pharmaceutical packaging box, health products box, tea upscale gift box, food box, wine box, box printing, hardcover box, corrugated box, keyboard color box packaging, digital product packaging Boxes, mobile phone box packaging, cosmetics packaging, gift boxes, hardcover cosmetic gift boxes, phone boxes, luxury gift box packaging boxes, jewelry boxes, watch boxes,

Gift boxes, printing cards, color boxes, color boxes, boxes, boxes, etc. Paper, different packaging box grades, the price is also different, the market generally use white cardboard, white paper, gray paper more, like more high-end packaging, such as cosmetics boxes, wine boxes and the like are using special paper , such as: aluminum foil, gold cardboard, silver card low, pearl paper, laser paper, etc. .... The process of specialty paper is more complex, such as printing: it can only be done on a UV machine, ordinary printer printing will not Been dried.

The corrugated box is divided into materials A, B, C, D, E, and F. According to different thicknesses, different tiles are made, usually with white and grey tiles. Reinforce watts. Color tiles are generally used on relatively fine, high-end packaging boxes.

 Packaging gift box production process: color box production process: cardboard and micro-corrugated cardboard adhesives made of these materials folded box and micro-colored corrugated box.

 Then we have to choose the right packing box for our own products. So we only need to understand the knowledge of the packing box. Guangzhou Minglai Packaging Co., Ltd. is a professional design and production packing box factory. Learn more about the packaging box, welcome to consult!

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