Use Of Mailing Boxes

Date:Jul 13, 2018

There are many common boxes in our life, and they are everywhere, and each of these boxes has its own shape. Each has its own advantages. Now, the informationization is getting more and more smooth. It is convenient for us. The fingers slide easily, and the Mailing Box becomes a main force of transportation. The clothing and apparel are commonly used, and the citrus is used up, and the quality of the quality is high.

Along with the vigorous development of the logistics industry, the mailing box has also been greatly promoted and applied. A small mailing box, seemingly simple, but its production process is not so simple. Our company specializes in providing mailing boxes, pizza boxes and other packaging. The processing and production of the box, the following describes the production process of the mailing box.


Bottom mold (backing)

When processing the backing with computer-aided engraving machine, the indentation groove width and cutting depth and precision should meet the requirements, and the engraving speed and depth should be adjustable. Applying CAM technology can not only shorten the production cycle, but also improve the manufacturing precision of the mailing box.

Box proofing

In order to verify the rationality of the design of the mailing box structure, before the official mass production, use a multi-purpose carton sample CAM equipment to test a certain amount of carton samples, solicit user and consumer opinions, then modify or redesign to avoid mass production. The design and manufacture of the rear aircraft box structure is unreasonable; it is also possible to check whether the design meets the user's requirements. The multi-function mailing box sample CAM system is equipped with a combined cutter and press knife. When the control part receives the execution instruction, the execution part is pressed. The paperboard type automatically selects the indentation, cutting tool, and automatically draws, indents, and cuts according to the computer aided design structure data and program, and can realize automatic tool change.

Aircraft box direct production technology

Using the folding carton laser processing system, the C02 laser beam is used to directly process the folded creasing line and trimming of the carton on the cardboard, which is fast and accurate.

In order to ensure the quality of the mailing box, we must strictly follow every step of the production process to ensure that our products can meet the requirements of customers. If you need to customize the mailing box, welcome to cooperate with us.


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