Use Of Paper Bags With Ribbons

Date:Mar 26, 2019

The ribbon can be used not only as a paper bag handle but also as a good decoration for paper bags.

"The ribbon is fluttering romantic and invincible." The ribbon can be a handle that binds a handkerchief paper bag, or it can be a method of decorating a handkerchief paper bag. The different shades of the ribbon and the different decorative methods can give the paper bag a different mood.

High-strength ribbon: The crocodile handkerchief paper bag made by Minglai packaging, under the decoration of the ribbon, the grade is further improved. This paper bag printed ribbon, with a touch of romance at the high end, can also tie two floating ribbons to fix the items in the paper bag, and also make a bow to make the whole hand bag more delicate and beautiful. 

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Multi-functional ribbon rope: The ribbon serves as the rope for the handbag, which combines bearing and decoration, saving both costs and cost. The ribbon rope is a way of changing the rope and adopting the flat rope idea to create a new packaging for the customer. At first glance, the sense of freshness and interest suddenly came to my heart.

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In the upper right corner, the ribbon is decorated with a bow: the handkerchief paper bag is decorated with a bow in the upper right corner, and the whole paper bag has a more sophisticated and romantic atmosphere. This will not affect the aesthetics of the entire package, but also play a role in the whole brand.

Ribbon effects and decorations are powerful, as long as you open your mind, you can make different paper bags. This not only achieves different promotional effects, but also improves utilization.

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