What Are The Advantages Of Folding Boxes?

Date:Aug 30, 2018

What are the advantages of folding cartons: In the process of packaging structure design, designers often choose different types of cartons according to different needs, such as tubular folding cartons and disc folding cartons. For a tubular folding carton, it is represented as a bottom-lock carton.

The advantages of this type of carton are as follows.

The die is simple. Compared with the disc folding carton, the tubular folding carton does not have a large area of two sides overlapping, so there is no need to consider the margin near the fold and creasing line, it should be noted that the bottom is designed, To ensure that the bottom locks, leave enough margin to ensure that the product inside the box is supported. At the same time, it takes less time to fold.


Less consumables. Compared to the disc folding carton, the tubular folding carton has a smaller surface area under the same volume, so the consumables are relatively less.

The difference between the inner and outer dimensions is small. Since the front, back, left and right sides of the tubular folding carton are mainly connected by latex paste, it is not required to be folded and inserted by the paper sheet, so the difference between the outer size and the inner size is small, generally 1.5 times the thickness of the paper skin.

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