What Are The Common Kraft Paper Boxes?

Date:Nov 26, 2018

Lid And Base Box: The structure consists of two parts, the upper cover and the bottom box, also known as the sky cover and the ground box. Kraft paper box usually the bottom box and the sky cover are used in a high mode, which can achieve double compression resistance, which helps to improve the kraft paper box.The load-bearing capacity to better protect the product. In addition, the kraft paper box uses V-grooving technology, so the cow the appearance of the leather carton looks clear and angular.

Uncovering the box: The box type is an integral type, and the sky cover is connected with the floor box, often accompanied by an inner pocket, a ribbon, a magnet, a lock, and a hinge.

Book box: The book box is an extension of the flip box, but only one flap, consisting of a floor box and a leather case.Normally, the LOGO is opened as a reference. This book box is in the shape of a bottom box + leather case. Leather shell use four pieces of gray board paper, the outer layer of striped kraft paper, and the four pieces of gray paper in the shell. It is worth noting that kraft paperthe gray board used in the bottom box of the box is glued together to enhance the strength of the package. Because if you use glue with a bond, the kraft box is easily displaced and not as strong as the glue.


Flip box: (left and right): The feature is that there are two flaps, one on each side. This way of opening Hong Kong is named after the movie

Drawer box: It consists of two parts, inner pocket and box sleeve. The sleeve is only open on one side. The convulsion is the inner box or the plug shallow disc box into the outer casing. The box body is also called the outer casing or the outer casing, and is sealed or bonded. In general, the inner box is guaranteed.Protective, the outer box is decorative, the carton structure is firm and easy to use.

Folding box: It consists of two parts, a leather case and a baffle. This type of box should pay attention to the size, the height of the box cannot be more than half of the length or width. The feature is that it can be laid flat, saving transportation space, often accompanied by magnet, plastic, double-sided adhesive.

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