What Are The Design Elements Of Digital Product Packaging?

Date:Aug 11, 2020

People can see the quality of digital products and even the image of an enterprise through the product packaging.

An excellent digital product packaging design needs to start from the three aspects of digital product packaging, text design, graphic design and color design, to reflect the intrinsic value of the brand in digital product packaging. What are the elements of digital product packaging design?

Text Design:

Packaging design is not just about making surface decoration patterns on the packaging. The packaging text of digital products needs to reflect many elements such as brand name, trademark, standard font, product description, instructions for use, slogan, main features, company name, address, etc. in packaging design. Words are essential for conveying sales packaging information.

Graphic Design:

The graphic content on the packaging of digital electronic products is mainly product image, logo, brand image and decorative graphics.

The greater feature of photographic pictures is the ability to realistically and accurately reproduce the texture and shape of the product, and to convey the image.

When buying digital electronic products, it is generally not allowed to open the packaging box to see the goods inside, but through photography can directly reproduce the goods on the packaging decoration.

It can be used for precise realistic performance and generalized inductive performance. It can also express emotions freely, express rich fantasy, depict unrestrained whimsy beyond time and space, and express the connotation of the product in the form of graphics.

Color Design:

Color has the advertising function of promoting products and attracting consumers' attention. Therefore, when designing product packaging, companies should pay attention to the important role of color, so that designers should try to design colors that conform to the identity of digital electronic products when designing product packaging colors. To improve the competitiveness of the company’s products in sales.

Matt Printed blackDie Cut Paper Packaging Gift Box For Digital Products Packing (2)

Good product packaging colors not only play a role in beautifying product packaging, to capture people’s attention, and make people have a good aesthetic enjoyment in the process of buying goods, but also play a role in promoting the goods, making people inadvertently Take note of its brand. It has greatly promoted the rapid expansion of the sales market.

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