What Are The Five Elements That Need Attention When Designing A Package?

Date:Nov 08, 2018

With the rapid development of society, people's time has become more and more fragmented. It is difficult to attract the attention of consumers, not to mention keeping users sticky. The current product update is a common phenomenon, and many brands like to make a fuss about the packaging of their products. I hope that the boutique design of the box can change people's inherent impressions and make it a young and dynamic brand. Let's talk about the five elements that need to be paid attention to in the design of the packaging box.


"Customer first" has always been regarded as the truth, and the user experience determines the success or failure of the product. Excellent packaging design must be adapted to the storage, transportation, exhibition and transportation of consumers and the opening and opening of consumers. To this end, in the design of the product packaging box must make the proportion of the box structure reasonable, rigorous structure, exquisite shape, highlighting the shape and material of the box type, contrast and coordination of beauty, rhythm and rhythm, and strive to achieve the box The box structure is fully functional and beautifully shaped to suit production, sales and even use. The common product packaging box structure mainly includes a tote bag type, a hanging type, an open type, a window opening type, a closed type or a combination of several forms.



The product needs to ensure its integrity in the process of transportation, so there is a product packaging box. As time goes by, its packaging design is designed to ensure safety and perfect shape, and must consider whether the design can be accurate. Rapid, mass production can help workers process, shape, load and seal quickly and accurately.

Environmental protection

Under the trend of promoting environmental protection among the whole people, people began to fall in love with green packaging and rational consumption. Only the packaging design of the product that does not damage the health of the person and does not pollute the environment can become the ultimate choice for consumers.

Artistic sense

The pursuit of artistic sense is not only an artist, but the general public also likes things with high values. Products with high artistic value are more likely to attract the attention of consumers, bring beauty to people, and gain the favor of consumers.


The initial function of the package is to protect the product from damage, so safety is very important for the package. Ensuring the safety of the goods and consumers is the most fundamental starting point for the design of the package. When designing the packaging of goods, safety measures for storage, transportation, exhibition, carrying and use should be considered according to the attributes of the products. Different products may require different packaging materials, especially the sunscreen, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion of the products. Leak-proof and flame-proof problems ensure that the merchandise is intact under all circumstances.

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