What Are The Gift Box Packaging Styles?

Date:Sep 11, 2018

When everyone receives a beautiful gift box from someone else, is there a kind of unraveling idea? Usually they will be placed on the table and even hold it for a while and then plan to open it and see what it is. And when we give the gift box to someone else, we will also see if the packaging of the gift box is beautiful. The elegant gift box packaging can highlight our intentions and make the gift look more upscale. But friends, do you know which kinds of common gift boxes are packed?


The current gift box style can be generally divided into the following types, simple and generous, small and cute, and exquisite and exquisite. The common exquisite gift boxes are packaged in three types: unfolded packaging, hanging packaging and stacked packaging.

Unfolded packaging is the most common one, and the style is also the most simple and generous. Generally used for the packaging of small gifts and technology electronics. It is characterized by a flat appearance and is generally packed in hard paper. The sides of the gift box are smooth and have no extra creases and decorations. After the package is opened, the gift will be presented directly to the front and can be taken out directly. This type of packaging is generally too simple to use, and is generally used in conjunction with a liner such as a box.


Hanging packaging is also a common way of packaging gift boxes. The so-called hanging packaging, as the name implies, is a kind of packaging method that is convenient for hanging up the gift box. The main body of this packaging method is usually a gift basket with a display-type gift. Then spread a layer of transparent wrapping paper on the outside, which is especially beautiful when hanging. However, when designing the structure of the gift box, we must consider its robustness and aesthetics.

Finally introduced is a stacked package. Stacked packaging is also widely used on exquisite gift boxes, which are commonly found on small packages. For example, if you buy a product that is a bunch of candy or some small products, you can use stacked packaging when you want to organize them into a piece of goods. This type of packaging is usually accompanied by a convenient carrying structure such as a handle.

The above is a summary of the way gift boxes are packaged. The common exquisite gift box packaging methods are generally the above three. Of course, in addition to the packaging method, the gift box can be decorated with the decoration of the gift box. For example, the ribbon is attached to the gift box, and the ribbon can also be made into small flowers or other shapes. Some high-end gift boxes even use more advanced materials to embellish or print the gift box as a whole.

Different packaging style gift boxes, which one do you like? ! Which one is tall and upscale? ! We feel that it is because of people or occasions. Choose the occasion that you feel is the most appropriate.

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