What Are The Key Points In Carton Design?

Date:Aug 06, 2018

Carton is the most widely used packaging product. There are corrugated boxes and single-layer cardboard boxes according to different materials. There are various specifications and models. Cartons are commonly used in three and five layers. Each layer is divided into inner paper, corrugated paper and core. Paper, facial paper. The novel design of the carton not only has the function of protecting the product, but also has a positive promotion effect. Today we will come together to understand how the carton should be designed.

The shape of the carton packaging is unique and novel in order to attract the attention of consumers. For example, the shape of the bottle is generally cylindrical, and some bottles are designed to imitate the shape, and are designed into a complex anchor shape or body shape. The body and the cuboid shape of the bottle will be very prominent and beautiful.

The carton pattern, which is based on the brand logo and fully displays the characteristics of the brand trademark, will enable consumers to immediately identify the product from the packaging, especially brand-name products and brand-name stores. The eye-catching trademark on the packaging can immediately attract consumers. The role of the elegant texture of the crafts packaging cartons, more artistic than the average carton packaging.

Carton color, beauty is the most easy to feel, so the color of the carton is the first factor to determine sales, and some colors as the packaging of the product will affect the sales of the product, gray is one of them. Because gray is hard to make people Naturally, it is difficult to produce the impulse to buy. The red color is different. It has the largest number of images, and it is the image with the strongest relationship between the sun, fire, blood and life. Therefore, the color of the carton is especially important in design.

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