What Are The Main Ways Of Carton Packaging Design?

Date:Apr 24, 2019

Packaging cartons and cartons are now on the market, and there is a high demand for a wide variety of carton pack designs. Therefore, there are several different design methods for the production of packaging cartons or cartons on the market.

The main design methods for carton or carton production are as follows:

1.Single-faced corrugated cardboard (single sheet), offset printed printing paper (sheet) → bonded to cardboard → die-cutting → bonded nail box

2.Corrugated board production → Cardboard direct printing (flexible version) → die-cutting and grooving → bonding nail box

3.Miniature corrugated board production→Micro-cardboard direct offset printing→ Die-cutting and grooving→bonding nail box

Custom printed Branded corrugated boxes

4.Web pre-printed paper (gravure, flexo), corrugated composite bonding produced by production line → computer slitting → computer cross-cutting → die-cutting and grooving → bonding nail box to look at the above various ways of making cartons.

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