What Are The Materials In The Gift Box?

Date:Aug 09, 2018

Paper box

The paper gift box is the most common one. It is not only lightweight, easy to transport and carry, but also low in cost and high in production efficiency. Through our many years of packaging design and production experience, the fine gift box is more favored by customers, because the shape of the carton itself, the paper and color can be more selective, coupled with creative design, the finished product is very good. And the modern people's consumption concept is changed to be more environmentally friendly, simple and healthy, so a beautiful paper gift box will be loved by consumers.


Wooden box

Generally used logs, solid wood, fiberboard, etc., because the selection, production and accessories of wooden box gift boxes are relatively sophisticated, the cost is relatively higher than other packaging, suitable for high-end gift boxes with high value and high price.

Iron box (metal can packaging)

Iron boxes are often used in tea gift boxes. They are usually made of tinplate. Tinplate is tinned on both sides. Tin can slow the oxidation of tea leaves. It also has good corrosion resistance, airtightness and light protection. It can prevent tea from getting wet and exposed to sunlight. The tea is stored for a longer period of time, retaining its color and taste. However, the iron box has a relatively small box type, and is mainly composed of a round can and a square can.

Leather box

The general material of the leather box is divided into leather, recycled leather, artificial leather (PU, PVC, etc.), synthetic leather, and the texture can be more selective. If it is designed and made well, it is also a very high-grade gift box.


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