What Are The Processes Through Which The Carton Forming Process Affects The Cost

Date:Apr 06, 2018

Carton forming has to undergo printing, slotting, binding or binding and packaging. With the improvement of automation of the equipment, these processes have evolved into one process, such as printing, nail box (adhesion), and packaging. production line. Single machine production is also good, on-line production is worth mentioning, carton forming process through every process will have an impact on the cost. In other words, the more processes that go through, the higher the cost. The larger the product batch, the lower the production cost of equipment that uses the higher degree of automation, and vice versa. However, the use of stand-alone production costs is low when the number of orders is large and the number of orders is small, and vice versa.

The Influence of Carton Forming Process on Cost



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 (Assuming that all conditions meet the quality requirements, the prices of raw and auxiliary materials used are also the lowest in the market):

Printing: The printing density of the ink, ie the thickness of the ink layer, is directly proportional to the cost. The printing process affects the cost of the layout size, graphic density, whether it is solid, and even the thickness of the graphic lines are related. In addition, the printing speed is also one of the key factors affecting the cost of the carton, and the cost per unit time of high efficiency is low.

Slotting: Under normal circumstances, the grooving process has little effect on the cost. Cutting carton tongues and trimmings, as well as slot widths can affect the cost. This depends on the accuracy of the equipment, high precision equipment, five-carton carton can be reduced to 3.5cm, three-carton carton can be reduced to 2.5cm; trimming can also be reduced to 0.2cm ~ 0.3cm; slot width can be Reduce to 0.5cm.



Nail box (adhesion): The staple distance of the carton, the single nail or double nail, the thickness of the nail box flat tape, the coating amount of the adhesive, and the efficiency all affect the cost.

Packing: The thickness of the straps used for packing, the way of strapping, and the efficiency all affect the cost of the carton.

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