What Are The Production Processes For Printed Packaging?

Date:Jul 05, 2018

Printing package manufacturing process molding.

Use machinery, die cutters. The color box is die-cut to form the basic style of the color box.

Gift box / sticky box. That is, according to the model or design style, the color box is glued with the glue to be fixed.

The film was designed, the packaged printed documents were designed, and the packaging materials were selected. Secondly, the design documents were passed to the printing house, and the film was produced by the printing house and the film company.

Print. After the film is taken by the printing factory, the thickness of the paper is packed according to the size of the film, and the color of the printing is determined by printing.

The pipe making machine manufactures die and craters. The requirements for the manufacture of the die are determined in accordance with the pattern and the printed semi-finished product.

Disposal of the packaging box. The appearance is beautified, with film, bronzing, UV, oil polishing and so on.

Through these processes, a shaped box is completed.

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