What Are The Special Papers In The Special Paper Bags?

Date:Apr 02, 2019

Specialty paper is a paper with a special purpose and a relatively small output. There are many kinds of special papers, which are the collective names of various special-purpose papers or art papers, mainly to simplify the noun confusion caused by the variety. 

What papers are special papers for special paper bags? Here are some of the special papers that are commonly used to make paper bags.

Special paper custom paper bag

Special paper portable paper bag - detail show

Special papers for custom specialty paper hand-held paper bags include the following:

black paper card bag

Portable paper bag paper - black paper card

paper bag factory custom

Portable paper bag paper - pearl paper

textured paper bag

Portable paper bag paper - textured paper

Pearlescent paper is also divided into double-sided pearl and single-sided pearl. The light-coated super-sensitive special paper series contains ultra-white and beige, and the special series of special papers include light blue special paper, khaki special paper, brown special paper and cream. Color special paper and so on. The most commonly used specialty papers are these.

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