What Does The Printing Process Do For Packaging Ideas

Date:Oct 18, 2017

What is creativity? Is the JDB introduced gold cans packaging, Coca-Cola in the packaging bottle printed on the personalized label, but also the farmer spring gains a number of awards packaging design, or ... have to say that these are people Stunning creative. However, good ideas still need to be operational.

So that packaging ideas into physical, and ultimately, the support of printing technology. The rapid development of printing technology, so that the idea of mind into reality, not only enriched the packaging design ideas, but also brought more personalized packaging business opportunities.

Take a look at what printing technology can be used for packaging printing?


a) Digital printing in the packaging

Digital printing and packaging technology more and more recognized by the market, short version of printed materials after another, personalized packaging printed matter has become a brand business to attract customers one of the effective tools.

Digital printing technology can be used for brand protection, the use of transparent UV fluorescent toner or ink can be achieved. At present, the needs of brand vendors are more biased towards creative and efficient product packaging design, which for the digital printing technology in the field of packaging to create the conditions for the development. Print the only bar code on the product packaging to track the entire supply chain.

Digital printing technology to create low-cost advantage, much favored packaging products. In the next five years, the value of packaging printing market with digital printing will grow at an average annual compound growth rate of 13.6%, and the market size will grow at an average annual compound growth rate of 16.2%. Label digital printing accounted for 80.5% of its market value, the market size of 93.5%, mainly used in cartons, corrugated board, flexible packaging, hard plastic and metal decorative packaging, and the application rate of rapid growth.

Packaging printing with digital printing technology is one of the few industries in the printing industry today that has maintained a rapid growth momentum. According to the international authority of the survey organization Smithers Pierre Institute estimates that this year the industry's global market value of about 10.5 billion US dollars. Now, digital printing and packaging technology is progressing, technological innovation in the packaging industry has produced a huge impetus.


b)  Inkjet printing in the packaging

New inkjet ink and printing materials for the packaging and printing enterprises to deal with short version of the packaging and printing business emboldened.

Through the digital printing fast and economical to get packaging and printing proofs and models. Digital packaging technology through the production of a small amount of packaging activities to help businesses to regional market sales forecast, and then consider whether the use of traditional printing process for large quantities of packaging and printing. Traditional printing methods in this short version of live production is clearly the cost is too high. The inkjet printing process is simple, the production cycle is short, you can always add and change the printing information, while no longer worry about the issue of delivery time.

Inkjet printing can also be achieved on special media to print the possibility of wide-format inkjet printing technology can be applied to the field of packaging provides technical support. Such as soft white film packaging, you can use solvent-based inkjet printer to achieve. In addition, the solvent-based inkjet printer can also be printed directly on the shrink film, the packaging model and short version of the printing, after printing, the film from the temporary support on the removal, cutting, shrink to the packaging can be.

Wide inkjet printing technology for the packaging and printing enterprises to provide a new high-cost options, it can be quickly converted and prompt delivery of the production, and by reducing the inventory and greatly cost savings. In the near future, wide inkjet printing will become a mainstream technology and packaging and printing industry used in the future packaging market to play an important role.


c)  Gravure in the flexible packaging

With the soft packaging gravure industry technology, equipment, materials and other trends in environmental protection, energy saving, high efficiency, more and more new technologies began to apply to the soft packaging gravure industry.

Domestic gravure equipment manufacturers use fast pre-registration, high-precision tension control and other latest technology, making the cut loss, equipment, restart the loss (has been registered), for a single loss, to restart the previously stored order loss, Losses and so reached a fairly low level, and even in some respects better than the international advanced level. Today, the advanced operation time of the gravure printing machine is greatly shortened.

Gravure production process in the drying of the energy consumption accounted for a large proportion of heat pump technology, waste heat recovery system, the application of layered ovens effectively reduce the heat consumption. LEL-based automatic monitoring of the drying system in the energy-saving emission reduction at the same time, but also to prevent the explosion of the explosion system, the risk of combustion, while significantly reducing the cost of tail gas treatment.

Gravure technology to enhance, greatly improving the efficiency of flexible packaging printing, but also to promote the flexible packaging green production.

d)  Nano printing in the packaging

In the printing process of the carton, the ink material plays a decisive role in the printing quality of the product. Nano-technology used in carton printing, the way to serve the new ink packaging and printing industry.

The nanoparticles themselves have good surface wettability, they are adsorbed on the surface of the pigment particles in the ink, making the oil lipophilicity and wettability significantly improved, can better improve the ink printability. Nano-metal particles can absorb all the wavelengths of light, and its own black, but the scattering of light, so the addition of metal nanoparticles of the ink has a higher purity and density. The use of high-tech resin, pigments, fillers made of nano-materials, but also to reduce the amount of pigment and ink hiding power does not decline the effect. If added to the uv ink, but also speed up its curing speed, effectively avoid the shrinkage of the film shrinkage defects.

In addition, the surface of the semiconductor nanoparticles by chemical modification, it is added to the yellow and cyan ink to make nano-ink, can increase the purity of yellow ink and green ink, so that the color of the printed matter more vivid, richer, subtle image level Significantly enhanced, and can improve the imprinting of light, anti-discoloration performance. As the nano-ink in the various raw materials are composed of nano-particles, the smaller their molecular organization uniformity, the better the mobility, the plate's friction coefficient is also smaller, it is conducive to prevent or reduce Printing process appears paste version, dirty version, out of quality and other failures, so as to better improve the quality of carton product printing.

Printing and packaging are inseparable, it can be said that the printing technology on the development of the packaging industry plays a decisive role. Printing technology can help to create a different style of packaging to achieve diversified development, such as the traditional style, personalized packaging, creative packaging and so on. The development of the packaging industry will also drive the growth of demand for printing services, therefore, the transformation and upgrading of the road, the packaging industry and printing industry development is particularly important.

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