What Is A Loose-leaf Notebook?

Date:Jun 20, 2018

Loose-leaf notebooks are also called loose-leaf notebooks and loose-leaf notebooks. From the word "leaflet," we can know that the inner pages (loose cores) of loose-leaf notebooks can be freely removed or added.

Specially designed loose-leaf notebooks can also be called efficiency manuals, multi-function manuals, multi-purpose manuals, multi-purpose notepads... The loose-leaf notebook is one of the most commonly used stationery items in daily work and learning, and is composed of cover sheets. Binder or coil, paper composition.

The biggest difference from regular notepads is that loose-leaf notebooks are more flexible to use, and papers can be disassembled, replaced, and combined in any combination to facilitate sorting. Users can also DIY according to their preferences.

Loose-leaf notebooks can be used for notes, notes, drafts, etc.

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