What Is Color Changing PU Leather?

Date:Oct 08, 2018

The color changing PU is also called Pulapu leather, and the English name is pull-up leather. It is made of pulapu oil injected into the leather, because the diffusion and diffusion recovery of the pula oil makes the color of the leather produce a gradual effect when it is stressed. Therefore, it is named as a color-changing PU leather.

What are the characteristics of the color-changing PU leather?

The surface layer of the color-changing PU has a certain transparency. After receiving the external force stretching effect, the injected prapa oil is transferred by force, and the oil is used to lose oiliness, the color gradually becomes lighter, and the vicinity is because of the force. Different sizes and different degrees of oil loss result in a color difference.


What are the color-changing PU leather applications?

The color-changing PU has a good hand feeling, strong toughness, and has a certain waterproof function. Generally used in the production of uppers and custom-made notebooks. I believe that the uppers are clearer and there is not much description. Here to talk about, color changing PU Notepad. Because of its ability to form chromatic aberrations, it is fashionable to imprint LOGO on a notebook. Because of its wear-resistant and waterproof features, it is well received by the unit companies!

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