What Is The Difference Between A Loose-leaf Notebook And A Notepad?

Date:Sep 27, 2018

One of the most commonly used stationery items in the daily work and study of loose-leaf notebooks, consisting of cover, binder iron ring or coil, paper. The biggest difference from the ordinary notebook is that the loose-leaf notebook is more flexible, the paper can be disassembled, replaced, and arbitrarily combined to facilitate the finishing, and the user can also DIY according to his own preferences.

The loose-leaf notebook is the one that can replace the inner core. The inner page inside is easy to take out. This is the biggest feature of the loose-leaf notebook. When the loose-leaf paper is used up, just replace it with new loose-leaf paper and continue to use it.

The general paperback notebook is also called hardcover notebook, which is a kind of cover made of hard paper or leather, which is not easy to be stained, which is conducive to long-term preservation.


The hardcover paperback inner page generally adopts the lock line process, that is, the inner page is locked together by the wire, and then the glue is glued, so that it is relatively strong and does not like to drop the page. The cover is usually cardboard or leather plus cardboard, and the finely printed thin paper paste is formed on the cardboard to form a book cover, and the inner page is adhered to the book case. Hardcover can't be bent, it looks like the grade is high, generally because of the hard skin or soft skin is very thick and beautiful.

The biggest feature of the paperback notebook is the sturdy cover that protects the inside pages. The inner core is usually determined by a wire needle, and the inner core is attached together by a cloth strip to reinforce the connection between the inner core and the envelope.

Loose-leaf notebooks and paperback notebooks have their own advantages, just like a book, but they are different in the way they are bound. After you have finished recording, you can take a single page.

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