What Is The Difference Between A Matte Film And A Bright Film On The Box?

Date:Apr 04, 2019

The film coating process on the packaging box is a post-printing process of paper printed matter, which is mainly formed by heating and pressing the surface of the printed matter with an adhesive to form a film covering the surface, such as copper paper. The quality is generally covered by a film, and the film is divided into two types: bright film and matte film. So what difference do they know about you?

The matte film is mainly a misty surface, and the surface of the matte-covered package is not reflective. It looks very elegant and has a matte texture. Its surface is soft and the appearance is quiet and elegant.

In the high-end packaging industry, such as the clothing industry, gift packaging, tea packaging and other industries.

Gloss film has a bright surface, the surface of the product with bright film is bright, looks like a mirror, and has strong expressiveness. The bright film reflects ambient light and belongs to a kind of specular reflection. Its surface is relatively comparative. 

The light, it can make the prints more colorful, but it is easy to reflect, and the smooth surface of the flat surface such as the compact cover and the carton is good.

In general, the cost of a matte film is generally higher than the cost of a bright film. When thick paper is glazed, it becomes fragile, and after lamination, it becomes more tough and resistant. 

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Nowadays, the high-end packaging and handbags are The post-press process will choose the film, which not only prevents the dirty sea from being limited to prevent the package from getting wet, so the laminating process is still very useful, but for different products, it is necessary to choose different processes, suitable. It is the best.

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