What Is The Printing Process Of The Album?

Date:Dec 04, 2018

The use of color printing is the most important process for corporate brochures. All pages are color-printed and can be printed and printed.

However, in order to increase the aesthetic performance of the album, many albums have some other printing processes, such as embossing, UV, bronzing, bump, silk screen, film, gold, and air.


UV:Enhance the light and highlight the stereo effect.

Lamination:Effectively prevent the paper from yellowing, fading and damage, and have certain waterproof properties.

Foil stamping:Better texture, gorgeous and noble quality.

Convex: Increases the three-dimensionality of the image and increases the feel and look of the print.

Common book printing and binding methods are: riding nails, wireless binding, lock binding, hardcover and so on.

Riding nails: The album is flat, low cost, fast and convenient, and is suitable for albums with few pages.

Wireless binding: The trimming is neat and beautiful, and it is easy to read.

Lock line glue: Reinforce the quality of the glue, the density is higher, and the flatness is not easy to spread.

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