What Is The Purpose Of The Box?

Date:Mar 13, 2019

As the name implies, the box is a box for packaging products. It can be classified according to materials such as: wooden box, paper box, cloth box, leather box, iron box, acrylic box, corrugated box, etc. 

It can also be classified according to the name of the product. : gift boxes, wine boxes, chocolate boxes, pen boxes, food packaging boxes, tea packaging boxes, etc. It has now evolved into a mixture of wood, paper and other materials.

Packing box function: to ensure the safety of products in transportation, improve the grade of products, etc. Main materials: gray board, MDF, acrylic, metal, corrugated, etc.

Generally used as a mid-range packaging method, between the inner and outer packaging. The box color is generally made up of a number of colors, giving a strong visual sense, so that the purchaser and the user have a little understanding of the overall appearance and color of the product.

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It is especially suitable for products that cannot be unpacked before purchase. Now it is widely used in electronics, food, beverage, alcohol, tea, cigarette, medicine, health care products, cosmetics, small household appliances, clothing, toys, sporting goods and other industries and product packaging and other industries, is an indispensable industry.

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