What Is The Role Of The Carton?

Date:Oct 24, 2018

Carton, as the name suggests, is made of paper. A good product, to attract consumers, must consider the packaging problem. An eye-catching box may make your products stand out among the many products. Good carton, focusing on design, more emphasis on quality. Why do you say that?

First of all, before ordering the carton in batches, it is necessary to determine the specifications and style of the carton, work hard on the carton, design beautiful patterns, and select the appropriate main color according to the characteristics of the product. These are not enough, consumers may be based on the quality of the carton. Hard Chengdu, to determine the quality of the product, although this is not very objective, but the packaging will have a certain impact on the consumer judgment, so the choice of the material of the carton is also very important, some products, but also require a carton It has certain defense, waterproof and shockproof functions, such as food or alcohol!

Corrugated boxes are light in weight and inexpensive, and can be used for large-scale production of various sizes. The storage space is small before use and can print various patterns, so it is widely used in packaging and transportation of finished products.

The structural characteristics of the carton are made up of single or multi-layer wavy corrugated cardboard and flat paper.

The role of the carton is to protect goods, facilitate storage and transportation, advertising, and promote sales.

Corrugated boxes also have the advantages of resistance to shock and vibration, suitable for printing, easy to form, light weight, environmentally friendly and low cost.

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