What Is UV Printing?

Date:Feb 01, 2021

What is UV printing? 

We will see a kind of gift packaging box or data cable packaging box on the market. The pattern on their surface has a layer of bright oil, which looks very viewing angle effect, and at the same time adds an overall three-dimensional effect, which looks both Very texture, comfortable to the touch. This kind of packaging box uses the UV printing process to show this effect. Now, let me introduce what UV printing is.

UV printing is a printing process that uses ultraviolet light to dry and cure inks. It is necessary to match the ink containing a photosensitizer with a UV curing lamp. UV printing is a finishing process. The application of UV printing is also one of the important contents of the printing industry.

It is suitable for printing on various non-absorbent materials, such as pearl paper, transparent stickers, plastics, PVC grating, and gold cardboard. Silver cardboard and so on. For example, there are many high-end gift packaging handbags made of pearl paper on the market, which look beautiful, delicate and three-dimensional. It is made by UV printing process.

UV printing&coating

So what are the characteristics of UV printing?

1. UV printing has the characteristics of green and environmental protection

The UV ink and UV varnish used in UV printing do not contain solvents, which greatly avoids the bad effects of solvent volatilization and pollution caused by the atmosphere. At the same time, the powder spraying is cancelled during the UV printing process, which greatly improves the work Environment, extending the service life of the machine. The paper that can be used for UV printing includes pearl paper, plastic and so on. The paper of these materials is recyclable, which reduces the exploitation and waste of resources.

2. Moderate price, high cost performance

Because UV printing varnish and ink do not contain solvents, curing consumes less, and will not cause waste or excessive consumption. UV ink requires less energy consumption during the curing process. Although the price of the ink is relatively high, the cost is low, so the cost performance is still very high.

Hi UV printing

3. Fast curing speed

UV printing is particularly suitable for high-speed printing and printing of non-absorbent materials, because UV inks and UV varnishes can be completely cured in one to several seconds, which can greatly improve printing and production efficiency.

4. High efficiency and good quality

 UV printing has a short production cycle, high production capacity, clear printing dots, good friction and corrosion resistance of the printing ink layer, and high gloss. It is difficult for ordinary inks to achieve the effect of UV printing.

It is with these characteristics that UV printing can be used to produce product introductions, high-end gift packaging boxes,tea boxes, paper gift bag, jewelry boxes,perfume box,wine box and other products, which are suitable for many fields.

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