What Should Be Paid Attention To In The Design Of The Gift Box?

Date:Jan 15, 2019

Gift box manufacturers believe that today's gift boxes are not only used to package goods, protect stored goods, but more importantly, the effect of brand promotion.

An exquisite and high-end gift box allows customers to enjoy a pleasant experience while enjoying the products, thereby enhancing the visibility of the products and enhancing the brand utility of the company. Therefore, the design of the packaging box can be more effective in the transmission of the brand value.


So, what should the gift box pay attention to during the design process? Today, our Sihai Packaging Products Factory came to tell you that a good packaging design can enhance consumers' desire to purchase and promote good sales. The design of the gift box must be clear about the characteristics of the carton so that it can be used scientifically.

A) The gift box should be designed according to the actual situation of the product. Excessive luxury design will make the product flashy. Because the gift box is over-modified, and there is no guarantee of product quality, it will often give the customer a feeling of being cheated.

B) The design of the gift box conforms to the product characteristics. When the gift box of a product lacks the theme, it will be greatly reduced in sales. The design of the gift box should be based on the characteristics of the product, and it should not be inconsistent. The inside will not cause a feeling of deception, it is difficult to have repeat customers.

C) The design of the gift box should conform to the trend. Today's environmental protection is the trend. The environmentally friendly packaging box will be recognized by consumers and attract consumers to understand. If the product is related to environmental protection, the gift box can be designed to be environmentally friendly. The packaging box not only protects the recycling of resources, but also protects the nature of the product.

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