What Should I Pay Attention To When Customizing A Paper Bag?

Date:Mar 20, 2019

Paper bags can be said to be widely used in our lives. Because of their convenience and practicality, this kind of printing product has become a special product that everyone can't live without. Therefore, in the field of printing production, paper hand-held the market share of bag products is still not small. 

Today, I would like to talk about the things that should be paid attention to during the making process of handbags.

First of all, the production of handbags requires careful ink and color planning.

In the process of making and planning the handbag, it is often encountered that pens or patterns are disposed of. If the ink is on the side of the bag, the pen should be kept away from the folded place, because it will affect the elegance of the bag.

Second, to carefully size the handbag.

The size of the tote bag is 400mmx 285mm x 80mm, but this size is not stable and stable. It can be changed according to the necessary actions of consumers. Only in this way can the market be better satisfied and the consumers can get the exact convenience.

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Finally, the handbag should be printed on the material of the handbag.

The material of the tote bag is usually a general-purpose paper such as coated paper or matte paper, but the paper for making the tote bag is slightly thicker than the ordinary paper, and is heavier than the ordinary paper.

It is better than 250g. It is possible to roughly carry the handbag with some weight. Customers can make the choice according to their needs.

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