What Should I Pay Attention To When Printing Shopping Bags?

Date:Aug 06, 2018

As a manufacturer of customized products, we should pay attention to the details, do a good job, and let customers feel satisfied when they receive the fixed products, so as to better establish the credibility of our company. In my shopping bag line, one of the details we have to pay attention to after the customer places an order is the custom printing bag printing process. For other industries, there are certainly a lot of relevant details to be done, such as specification accuracy. We will only produce large quantities if we meet the requirements of our customers.

The printing in the proofing stage is essentially the same as the printing of large goods, but the difference is whether the merchandiser is on site. When we proofed, we must have confirmed the printing process with the customer. To do the sample, we explained the requirements to the printing master. The printing master will color, color and print 2-3 printed products for us to proof according to customer requirements.

When the large goods are produced, the number of customizations is relatively large, and we cannot stay in the printing workshop and print. Some salesmen feel that Master has been accustomed to the color when proofing, and there will be no big difference when printing large goods. In fact, this is a wrong concept. We should do our job in a responsible, serious and dedicated manner. The following points are my experience in printing since I made my shopping bag. You can use it for reference.

Before the production of large goods, we must greet the printing master, we must inform us when printing large goods. Only in this way can we grasp the quality of printing. For example, when the sample is sent to the customer, the customer has different requirements in printing, such as color, size, etc., and these printing shops are not aware of them. Only when we notify their customers of the change request will they make the corresponding changes measures.

First determine the floor plan in the computer, mark the printing position, put the printed pattern, print it out and give it to the printing master. In this way, Master is both intuitive and accurate in positioning the printing position. The specific point of attention, we have to say in accordance with the drawings and the printing master, in the printing will not go wrong.

Master is equipped with lascivious colors. The first few pictures of large goods must be confirmed by the eyes. It is necessary to carefully identify whether the fonts on the film are clear, and there are no words that are too fine to be made in place, resulting in poor printing results. Confirming the printing color, font, size, position, we can produce large goods.

In short, the big salesman must be in place before the big goods are printed. Only when we confirm the printing on site, can we guarantee the quality of printing.

Regardless of the industry, we should be serious and responsible in the details. Only in this way, our products will be liked by customers and recognized by customers.

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