What Should I Pay Attention To When Printing Special Paper?

Date:May 14, 2019

Book printing is a necessary publicity material for many companies. In order to further improve the corporate image, many companies will use special paper printing when printing albums. High-grade paper can more intuitively highlight the company's strength.


When printing with special paper, pay attention to whether there is any conflict between the direction of the grain and the bookbinding, and save the cost with the most economical paper-opening method, and achieve good results;

Paper with rich surface texture and clear lines may not be able to concentrate on the paper during printing, and there will be fine leaks along the lines.

Some special papers will be uneven, and if the fineness of the dots is high, they cannot be used;

There are also some domestic pearlescent papers and imported pearlescent papers that differ in ink color. Domestic papers are inferior in ink color. 

Usually they are dark after printing. Imported pearl paper avoids such problems; therefore, clothing catalogues with high color requirements are not. 

It is proposed to use domestic pearl paper, but some book designs are made of domestic pearl paper. This mainly depends on the design artwork and the customer's requirements for the printing effect of the album. After all, the imported paper will be much more expensive.


Special paper with a particularly smooth surface, poor ink absorption, and scratching when not paying attention to it when printing. Therefore, it is better to use a quick-drying ink, and to add a drying oil which can promote the rapid drying of the ink in each color ink, to improve the drying speed of the ink, and to avoid the paper surface sticky fault when printing.

For special papers with high surface smoothness, such as pearl paper, ice white paper, high-color smooth paper, etc., the ink color should not be too saturated during printing, and the normal ink supply amount can be used. Because the smoother the surface of the paper, the poorer the ink absorbing property, the larger the amount of ink supplied, the more likely the paper back is dirty.

Special paper with rough surface, such as hand-made paper, double-adhesive paper, rice paper, kraft paper, writing paper, Daolin paper, etc., feels grainy and not smooth. When printing, the paper absorbs ink well, and the ink penetrates into the grain of the paper. After the ink is dried, the color of the printed product observed with the naked eye becomes lighter and the printing quality is also lowered. Therefore, for this special paper, the amount of ink supplied during printing is larger than usual, and the saturation requirement is also higher.

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