Why Carton Factory Does Not Recommend Large Area Printing

Date:Apr 06, 2018

Carton customers often hear this kind of words, "do not recommend large-area printing" or "can not do a large area of printing", which is why?

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First, large-scale printing will increase production costs. First, the usage of printing plates and ink will increase, which will directly increase production costs. Second, the scrap rate will increase, indirectly increasing costs.

Second, the requirements for paperboard are relatively high, and the raw material levels of paperboard mills are not the same, resulting in cardboard transparency, squeaking, and softness, which can affect the printing of cardboard. Well, I would like to know if the cardboard is better. I understand that the cardboard is affected by the weather humidity, and the amount of glue applied has a greater or lesser effect. Cardboard unevenness will occur, and irregularities will appear slightly. The cardboard factory will not be returned.

Third, the requirements for printing presses are strict. As such, the general carton factory has about 200,000 printing machines. A large area printing machine that can produce good results requires about 8 million printers.

So if there is no way to print on a large area?

The answer is that there is a way to choose a carton factory that has a cardboard line, so that it can directly intervene in the production of cardboard. Of course, such a unit has an ordering requirement. Like SF is the way to go.

So if the amount is not that big?

That can only be selected offset printing, because offset printing is the first pattern printed on a piece of paper, put the paper on the corrugated, so as to avoid the corrugated on the print. Of course, this will increase the price of cartons.

If the watermark is directly printed on paper, can it not be tiled?

In theory, this was said in the past, but it was still a problem with watermarking machinery. The general watermarking machinery cannot be printed on paper, and the paper is too thin.

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