Why Choose A Paper Gift Box

Date:Apr 07, 2017

Why Choose A Paper Gift Box


Clothes make the man beauty by beautiful, exquisite gift box for gift selling also play a very important role, especially its appeal to consumers, increase product added value, and promote the enterprise's brand.

According to the material classification of gift boxes, there are paper boxes, wooden boxes, leather box, plastic box, metal box etc, but for the high-end gift packaging box, the paper cardboard made material box still account for the primary orientation, that’s why…? Don’t be curious and pls see below…



1. The paper cardboard made box is high grade &exquisite


With various surface finishing options, like glossy/matte lamination, varnishing& polishing, hot-stamping in multiple colors, embossed/debossed, spot UV or raised UV treatment, glitter powder, also decorated by ribbons, bowknots, fabric flowers, metal nameplate etc. the paper box is superior than others material made box.


2. The price advantage for paper cardboard made box is strong than others


As the paper raw material cost is cheaper than leather, wood and glass, if you want the luxury feeling of leather, there is a kind special paper named “leatherette paper” who has the texture of leather but much cheaper than leather, it can be mounted into the cardboard as the face layer of box.

And if you want pack heavy object and worry the normal grey cardboard can’t stand it, there is a other material named “ MDF board”, which has the wood vision and weight capacity but in more favourable price.


3. The paper cardboard made box is environment friendly


All our paper used for box manufacture is made from environmental raw material and is recyclable.



4. The paper cardboard made box can be long time usage


As the paper material’s stability, it’s easy for store and long term use without consider the temperature, environment.

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