Why Do Businesses Increasingly Prefer To Use Carton Packs?

Date:Mar 15, 2019

With the development of modern technology and the continuous improvement of living standards, cartons are often used in the packaging of delicate gifts, and the quality of the page has higher requirements.

Carton packaging is usually exquisite in materials and unique in shape, so the carton packaging itself usually has a certain degree of viewing.

At the same time, carton packaging is widely used. To judge whether a carton is qualified, firstly, the surface is required to be clean and flat, without wrinkles and damage, and no stains and impurities. The fonts and patterns should be clear and correct, without error printing, missing printing, and no ink pollution.

Moreover, the dimensions conform to the specifications, and the deviation is within the allowable range. The color box that needs to be filled with paper should be tested and qualified. The binding of the color box should be precise and firm, without loosening and cracking.

The reason why paper packaging can stand out in various gift box packaging materials is that the environmental protection concept of carton packaging is also a major focus. 

In an environment that promotes sustainable development and environmentally friendly production, environmental protection has become an important factor in the development of carton packaging.

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On the other hand, the box-shaped design and the beautifully printed carton have a stronger visual impact when packaging goods, which makes it easier for consumers to purchase. Carton packaging has been deeply integrated with the merchandise and plays an increasingly important role in the successful sale of the product.

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