Why Do Mobile Phone Data Cable Charging Head Boxes Generally Use Card Carton Material?

Date:Oct 11, 2018

With the popularity of various electronic products in the Chinese market, it has become an inseparable part of packaging. In addition to the function of protecting products, the design of digital electronic product packaging also uses aesthetics and other principles to visualize the products. .As something we often touch in real life, data lines and charging heads have become essential things in our daily lives. As products we often touch, the general materials of these boxes are Use cardboard as a raw material to produce.

Data cable packaging, the product is king. The data cable box selects the card tray, which is to better see the product and increase the consumer's desire to purchase.


We all know the current society, pay attention to the appearance, but the inner things are more concerned by people. The data lines and charging heads have long since got rid of the early black and white patterns, and the colorful colors are also very popular. 

The material is coated paper, white cardboard, black cardboard, gold and silver cardboard, cattle cardboard, corrugated paper, and there are also 6 kinds of printing processes, such as coating process, covering film process, bronzing process, hot silver process. Partial UV process, bumping process, then the data line box selects the carton box, the window opening cost is lower, can cover the customer's wider area, which is more conducive to display the 3C accessories wrapped in the data line box, let people See the product directly, so when you feel your favorite, it will naturally create a desire to buy. It can also be added to the blister packaging, which is more high-grade, and is also beneficial to the protection during transportation.

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