Why Do You Need A Film For A Paper Tote?

Date:May 17, 2019

The material of paper tote is mainly divided into white cardboard, kraft paper, coated paper, special paper, etc. Because it is used by companies to promote their own company brand and design concept, many companies will print many patterns on paper bags. After the pattern is printed on the tote bag, the film is used.

Because the pattern of the paper bag can be kept longer after only the film is coated. The color will also be more beautiful than the printing effect.

After the paper bag is coated, the film can protect the paper from wear and tear, and the printed content is not easily damaged, thereby prolonging the service life of the paper.

Secondly, it can increase the load-bearing capacity of the paper and increase the load-bearing capacity of the handbag. The feeling of different laminating processes is also different. 

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If it is a sub-film, there will be an elegant taste, and the bright film will have a gorgeous feeling, and it will meet the company's brand positioning to choose the laminating process.

The film also increases the gloss, making the paper bag resistant to friction, moisture, and longer.

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