Why Is A Kraft Paper Bag More Environmentally Friendly Than A Plastic Bag?

Date:Mar 22, 2019

If you go shopping in the mall, you will find that kraft paper bags are widely used in various industries. For example, the clothing stores and shoe stores that we often go to are the most common places to use kraft paper bags, and even you will be in some places. Kraft paper bags are also used in fast food restaurants and beverage shops.

Compared with plastic bags, the cost of kraft paper bags is higher. Why are there so many companies willing to use kraft paper bags? One of the reasons is that more companies are paying more attention to environmental protection, and environmental protection is a part of corporate culture. Choose a more environmentally friendly and recyclable paper bag instead of a plastic bag.

Kraft paper packaging is 100% recycled and reused, which is an important point for kraft paper over other material packaging. Even if it is, kraft paper will soon be degraded in the soil and turned into a spring mud to protect the flowers.

Unlike plastic packaging, which is difficult to degrade, causing “white pollution” has a devastating effect on the soil and the environment.

Kraft paper bags are better than green bags in environmental protection. In today's increasingly environmentally-friendly environment, an environmentally-friendly kraft paper bag has become the primary choice of more and more manufacturers. 

Chinese Factory OEM Production Twisted Handle brown color Recyclable White Kraft Customized Paper Bags with Logo

If you want to contribute to environmental protection, you may wish to contribute to environmental protection. Use kraft paper bags as the first choice for shopping or food packaging.

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