Why Is Kraft Paper Packaging So Popular

Date:Jul 03, 2020

When it comes to kraft paper packaging, people used to think of kraft paper in costume TVs. People used to wrap food in kraft paper. And now the more classic ones are McDonald's and KFC takeaway bags. The natural color of kraft paper gives a warm and nostalgic look.

Many casual snacks abandon plastic packaging and use kraft paper packaging, which is very popular among young people. In the era of vigorously promoting environmentally friendly packaging, kraft paper packaging is simply a clear stream of the packaging industry compared to plastic packaging.

Kraft paper packaging has become more and more widely used in recent years, from electronic products to peripheral accessories, from food packaging to general packaging, and portable paper bags. Kraft paper packaging can be seen everywhere. 

Why is kraft paper so popular? In addition to its physical strength, kraft paper is more environmentally friendly than other packaging materials. It can be said that packaging with kraft paper is a symbol of an enterprise's pursuit of environmental protection.

Surprise Sweet Folding Gift Paper Box Packaging Custom Cardboard Triangle Gift Box with Ribbon Closure-Red

In the future packaging industry, kraft paper packaging will continue to shine in the packaging industry with the development of technology.

The Kraft Paper Can be used to make Folding gift box, lid gift box, book style gift box, drawer gift box, single product packaging, etc.

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