Why Is The Price Of A Small Batch Of Products Higher?

Date:Aug 07, 2018

The main difference between a fixed product and other non-finished products is individuality, uniqueness, and can well meet the product standards required by the customer and meet the requirements of the customer. After the custom quantity reaches the manufacturer's MOQ standard, the price is very advantageous. If the amount of customization does not meet the manufacturer's requirements, then the price will be higher.

Many customers will question why a small batch of finished products is higher than the price of a fixed order. In fact, there are many problems to be said. Apart from the difference in price, the steps of other custom production processes are the same, but they are also particularly cumbersome and add a lot of cost.

For example, I have customized shopping bags, and the steps required to customize the production of shopping bags are as many as twenty. In the sewing process alone, if the amount is small, it is troublesome to change the yarn. Secondly, the employees do not like it. The familiar process is complaining because of the small amount. However, in the attitude of being responsible for the products, we (Wei Shang Bag Making) will still require the work to be done. The simple point is the processing price. The specific differences between the small quantity and the minimum order quantity are as follows. Here, the order quantity is 1000 and 200 custom quantities are taken as an example.

The edition fee for 1000 fixed products and 200 fixed products is the same, as long as the minimum amount is reached after the order quantity is reached. If you don't get the order quantity, the version fee will be calculated separately, and the cost will increase.

The cutting of the fabric requires the production of a die, and the die is also charged. If the order quantity is not reached, the cost of the die will be much higher.

If the amount is small, the unit price will increase in cutting materials and wages, and the cost will increase. Too little amount is not suitable for booting. Under the same conditions, if the booting costs are the same, the cost of the small amount will inevitably increase. The same applies to the lathe.

The same is true for printing. After printing, the amount of printing will increase the cost of printing. The unit price will be slightly higher and the cost will naturally increase. The most important of them is the small amount and the labor cost.

The miscellaneous expenses incurred between 200 and 1000 products are basically the same, so the cost of flattening 200 is five times more than the cost of sharing 1000.

This is the reason why many manufacturers do not pick up the fixed quantity of the fixed quantity. If the fixed quantity of the original quantity is less than the default quantity, it is often a loss. Therefore, we must estimate the accuracy when ordering, and make a reasonable offer according to the amount of customization.

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