Why Need Gift Box?

Date:Apr 01, 2017

Why Need Gift Box?


With the continuous development of social economy, gift box making sales for the product more and more important. Now the market economy is called as “eyeball economy”, through innovative and unique packaging to attract consumers, only to attract the attention of consumers, the brand can be accepted by consumers, they would like to buy the products. the famous DuPont law states: about 63% of consumers make purchasing decisions based on the packaging and the environment of goods. Therefore, the packaging plays a decisive role for enhancing the competitiveness of products. we must fully recognize the importance of packaging in the marketing of products!


For the gift/present, a gift packaging is more necessary, as it likely has put on a coat, like this can appear is official, is upscale, will also make the presentee to feel that oneself time is taken and full show our respect& attach importance to them.

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actively improve the product line innovation and continuously meet customer needs, the collaborated factory has high-quality modern intelligent production plant, and scientific &strict quality control system, with full of passion and energy, Minglai Packaging aim to provide the best paper printing &packaging products for widely usage in gifts packing, beauty packaging, jewelry, clothing, leather goods, health products, food, wine, electronic products and other daily-use products, also the upscale PU leather notebook, diary, agenda custom printing etc.




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