Wine Box Wine Label

Date:Dec 27, 2018

The wine box wine label is the soul of wine. Common items on wine labels include: grape variety, wine name, year of collection, grade, production area, bottler, winery name, winery name, wine country name, net content, alcohol concentration, etc.

Ordinary wines will also be labeled with a back label on the back of the bottle to provide a more comprehensive description of the wine. 

Originally imported wines sold in the country must be accompanied by the Chinese back label in accordance with national regulations.

Due to the differences in wine control legislation in different countries, the content of different wine labels according to the country will vary.

Wine Label

Content of the wine label:

The content of each wine and wine label in each country is not exactly the same.

Liquor packaging, red wine packaging, brandy and vodka label content generally include brand, origin, alcohol, grade, year and bottling area, alcohol content, capacity, ingredients and other information. 

Liquor can be divided into strong-flavor, fragrant, rice-flavored, sauce-flavored and other fragrant liquors according to the scent type.According to the production process, it can be divided into solid-process liquor and liquid liquor.

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