Wine Packaging Design

Date:Mar 11, 2019

Packaging designs for different consumer groups are also different. Generally have to be, practical, beautiful, generous, of course, with personalization is even better.

There are so many businesses in food packaging that we encounter in our daily work, which can be said to account for about half of the total business volume. In food packaging design, there are mainly the following forms.

In the design of wine packaging, first of all, our packaging design concept and product attributes should be highly unified. It is necessary to determine the positioning of our design philosophy around this product property, such as what kind of customer base, age layer our brand is going to target.

We need to carry out our creative ideas, color text layout and so on around this element. Otherwise it will lead to confusion among consumers.

After grasping these main clues, there will be no mistakes in the big direction. The next step is to enrich the design content and material design. In this respect, we need to pay attention to it. First, strengthen communication with consumers. 

Communication, when you work hard and you reach a consensus on the product packaging design concept, the packaging design should be consistent with the brand positioning.

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In the packaging design of wine, it is necessary to have cultural connotation, so that consumers feel that drinking is not drinking, drinking is a taste, a connotation, thus impressing consumers.

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