Wine Packaging - One Of The Three Determinants Of Wine Hot Sales

Date:Dec 07, 2017

In wine sales, there are 3 factors that determine the sales of wine, one is the brand of wine, second is the packaging of wine, the third is the promotion, we can see the wine packaging in wine marketing occupy a pivotal position, then what kind of role played by wine packaging in the end? Let us come together to understand below. I believe that understanding the importance of wine packaging, you will be insight!


1. The successful packaging is live advertising. Wine culture thousands of years of development, and now has reached a peak period, the market of thousands of wine, the brand has less one hundred thousand, there is no big difference between the various brands to tell the truth, then here Under the circumstances, how to make their products stand out? This time than the packaging is. We think wine tastes the most important, but in addition to live bartending, consumers often do not know the taste of wine when buying wine, and they usually subjectively judge the taste and quality of wine by packaging to decide whether to buy, The first impression in the minds of consumers accounted for a larger proportion than we thought, this time the personalized design of wine packaging is particularly important.


2. Good packaging material is wine preservative. More and more diversified bottle packaging, the common main ceramic bottles, glass bottles and plastic bottles. The chemical properties of these bottles of material stable, can cut off the outside odor, prevent harmful substances in the built-in wine pollution. Glass bottles and plastic bottles can delay the volatilization of wine, minimize the loss of wine, ceramic bottle is slightly breathable but does not leak in the aging process of the original wine can play a role in promoting. Good bottle packaging can not only attract the attention of consumers, but also can ensure the pure taste of wine, to extend the shelf life of wine.


3. Good packaging to collectors enjoy the culture and content. For our bottle collection market, many of the wine bottles that have been given historical significance or famous personalities become the first choice of collectors. Sometimes the quality of wine itself does not belong to the top, but as the bottle is endowed with historical and cultural significance, The value of wine will also increase, sales will naturally doubled, after all, no manufacturer of wine bottles will be produced for the sake of collection and not a wine bottle.


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