Brown Paper Gift Bags

Introduction:Our Brown Paper Gift Bags can be ordered in a range of sizes and quantities.With these “green” paper bags, you can show your customers that your company is totally committed to its role in saving the environment.

Brown Paper Gift Bags


Brown kraft paper is used for envelope, sack, hand bag, PE coating applications, packing as well as stationery purpose.

Substance: 45-160gsm

Size: in sheets or in reels OEM available

Color shade: light brown, dark brown, white

Material: virgin wood pulp or mixed pulp

Decorate your own brown paper gift bags! Paint, stamp or glue foam shapes onto these small gift bags with handles. Create custom goody bags for your event or add a personal touch to your gift wrapping for your small business or for a birthday gift or holiday gift. 

If you are just finding what is suitable, let us know the usage and what is in your mind. We will make helpful recommendation.

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