White Packaging Boxes

Introduction:A suitable packaging,it is the good choice for showing your brand and products. Whether for friends or customers, you can be sure your audience will love your custom print packaging.

White Packaging Boxes


Material: 300gsm Coated One Side Art Paper.

Use: Packing insert earphone or some small accessories.

Feature: 1. Hanging on the shelf. 2. Opened window and glued with PVC. 3.The seal is disposable and can not be closed after opening. 4.About the inserts is Coated One Side Art Paper added EVA.

Size: 7*3*10CM

Shape: Straight-tuck-end(with hole for hanging on shelf)

Custom print boxes allow you to inscribe your brand or your personal message on the colored box of your choice.

Whatever your project, large or small, commercial or personal, bright pink or natural kraft, we look forward to fulfilling your packaging needs.

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GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS OF WHITE PACKAGING BOXES:                                              

ML packaging general specs for custom paper packaging

popular gift box styles.png       top and bottom style gift box

drawer style gift box.png

magnetic flap and foldable gift box.png

cardboard round tube box.png

ML packaging special textured paper swatches.jpg


ML packaging production process.png

ML packaging and shipping.png

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